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Today: Start of FHIR DevDays US 2021

Rien Wertheim

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Today, Monday June 7, is the first day of HL7 FHIR DevDays US 2021. Before us lies a week FHIR, FHIR, FHIR, from 9 AM to 1 AM CET. On Friday, don’t mention the F-word anywhere near me, please!

For this DevDays edition, we kept the introductory sessions (the “core curriculum”) on the schedule, since new implementers keep coming in. Intros to FHIR, to profiling, to the main libraries (“Let’s Build!”), and the most-used implementation guides. Don’t miss Lloyd McKenzie’s Navigating the FHIR Community if you’re new.

One trend we see in the program is the growing number of project presentations, which we optimistically dubbed “Fixed with FHIR”. These real-life use cases aim to share pitfalls and best practices by fellow implementers.

An entirely new track is the Doctor Track: clinicians presenting the value of actionable data from a care provider perspective. The Doctor Track and the Patient Track are the twins of DevDays, reminding us of whom we’re doing it for in the first place.

Traditionally, our keynotes are non-technical, broadening our horizons. No JSON, let alone XML, merely inspiration. We have Allan Mustard from the OpenStreetMap Foundation. Similar goals, entirely different domain. And Amandine le Pape, who will talk about interoperability in social media and messaging. As always, our closing keynote will be hosted by Grahame Grieve. He is the one who started it all 10 years ago (yes, in parentheses, we’re celebrating 10 years of FHIR during this edition!).

No health conference without Covid on the program! We have a keynote by John Halamka (Mayo) and Brian Anderson (Mitre), talking about VCI and SMART Health Cards. In short, the vaccine passport.

Finally, the US edition wouldn’t be exactly that without the ONC and CMS and the interoperability rules that are getting FHIR in overdrive. The highlight is the ONC Panel starring the current and two former National Coordinators, talking about the past, present, and future of interop in the US.

If you’re there, enjoy!

Celebrating 10 years of FHIR

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