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How to Publish Your Profile – within One Hour

Matthijs Van der Wielen

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The key to fast and simple FHIR profile publishing is that Forge and Simplifier are best buddies – seamlessly integrated to streamline the process. And that means you can publish your first customized FHIR profile in less than an hour. Pretty amazing. Let’s take a look.

Step 1 – Get the ball rolling

You can create a project directly from Simplifier, but if you’d rather let Forge guide you through the process just select “+ Create FHIR project on Simplifier…” in the left-hand menu.

(You can obviously skip this step if you’re already set up as a project owner or team member.)

Create a FHIR poject on Simplifier

Step 2 – That old Forge-Simplifier magic

Connect your Simplifier project to Forge by selecting “Open FHIR project from Simplifier…” and selecting your project in the User Interface. This retrieves all the available content from your Simplifier project and organizes it into a local folder that Forge creates within your working directory.

Open a FHIR project in Simplifier

Step 3 – Let the FHIR profiling begin

Once you’re connected, it’s time to get stuck into creating your FHIR profiles. This article shows you exactly how to do it.

Step 4 – The Synchronization Process

When your profiles are ready, navigate to the project folder and click “Synchronize.” This triggers the synchronization wizard, flagging up any new content available for download from Simplifier, and outlining the content slated for upload to your Simplifier project.

Synchronize wizard

Step 5 – Merge conflicts – Forge has your back

Synchronizations can throw a curveball in the form of merge conflicts, but Forge has your back. It will spot any that happen, so you can jump in and sort them out manually before completing the synchronization.

Step 6 – Iterative Development

FHIR implementation is an iterative process. Using the “Synchronize” option whenever you start profiling ensures you start with the latest version of the resources from your Simplifier project. This works well for smaller teams, but the more people you have working simultaneously on the same project the greater the change of merge conflicts. So as your project grows, you may want to move over to Firely’s GitHub integration for version control.

Any questions? Feel free to comment or contact us at Download Forge here – you’ll need a (free) Simplifier account.

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