We are Firely.

We bring FHIR to Life.

What We Stand For

We understand the importance of making healthcare data effortlessly accessible for patients, doctors and all parties involved in the healthcare delivery chain. What makes this possible? Interoperability – the seamless connection of healthcare information.

We’re here to make the implementation of FHIR a breeze for you. Our commitment lies in empowering developers to drive global interoperability.

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Why Firely Leads the Way

We believe that FHIR is the way to positively impact healthcare. And we don’t take that lightly.

FHIR empowers patients, doctors, and all stakeholders in the healthcare process by making valuable healthcare data easily accessible.

The result? Better data that drives better healthcare.

As your dedicated experts in the field, we are committed to delivering nothing short of top-quality solutions.​

Our certified products are designed to assist you in navigating healthcare regulations seamlessly, all while embracing innovation.

Additionally, we provide personalized training and consulting services to guide your FHIR implementation, empowering you to make a real impact on global interoperability.

At the heart of our passion is your experience with our exceptional software. We understand the essence of outstanding solutions, especially when it comes to facilitating a seamless FHIR implementation.

Your journey is made easier with our comprehensive FHIR Toolbox and ready-to-use solutions, allowing you to implement FHIR in a way that suits your unique needs.

Ready to Accelerate Your Success?

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Knowledge at Your Fingertips

Discover the power of FHIR with us! Explore our blog posts and insightful eBooks that promise to expand your knowledge. Dive into the world of FHIR innovation and unlock the potential for seamless data exchange.

Unlock essential insights with our eBook tailored for Payers and HealthTech Vendors. Dive into a comprehensive overview of the Rules, Regulations and Implementation Guides, equipping you with everything you need for your FHIR compliance roadmap.

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Discover the stress-free path to implementing a FHIR server with our blog post! We spare you from complex and costly integration projects. A must-read for everyone involved in FHIR implementation.

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Fun fact: Our CTO Ewout Kramer was actually one of the team members to first put the FHIR standard on the map. If you want to read more about this, check out this blog!

Elevate Your Operations with Our Solutions

Our dedicated team of FHIR enthusiasts is committed to empowering you. We proudly maintain the official open-source .NET SDK for HL7 FHIR and the Firely Server. Leading the way, we’ve developed Forge, the premier FHIR profile authoring tool, and pioneered Simplifier.net, the collaborative FHIR platform.

Our tools are essential for Healthcare providers, Health IT vendors, consulting firms, and Health Authorities globally.

Navigate your FHIR journey with confidence through our personalized training and consulting services. In essence, Firely delivers the essential tools, services, and expertise required to Bring FHIR to Life.

What Others Say About Us

Product Director HL7 and founding father of FHIR

“The success of FHIR is a team effort, but Firely was the first to commit. They have been there from the beginning, with outstanding development expertise and support for the community. They provide an open source library, they organize FHIR DevDays, and they co-founded the FHIR Business Alliance (FHIRBall). Firely makes an exceptional contribution to health equality.”

Ready to learn more about Firely, our products and how we can help you with FHIR interoperability initiatives? Reach out to us!

Rien Wertheim