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In 2011, Arnold Breukhoven founded Drimpy to harness the power of technology for the better good. Drimpy’s mission is to provide full medical data to patients and clinics to avoid incomplete medical data leading to misdiagnosis or wrong medication. 

Drimpy’s goal is to enable patients and doctors to share accurate medical care. Arnold soon realized the potential of his health platform, and he was not the only one. The Dutch national program MedMij and other initiatives from the government like VIPP put in place grants that aim to increase secure access to standardized healthcare data for patients. 

Drimpy’s research to comply to MedMij led them to Firely and they soon realized they could work with our FHIR server: Firely Server. Firely created a Netherlands-specific edition of Firely Server to meet the requirements of MedMij, VIPP, and other initiatives. Firely and Drimpy joined forces to get the Drimpy platform certified. A few months down the line, they could not be happier with the results. 

Nerd, entrepreneur and patient

Dutch entrepreneur Arnold Breukhoven, who describes himself as a nerd, entrepreneur, and patient, started Drimpy with personal motives that kept his focus and motivation high for the past decade. At the age of 3, Arnold was diagnosed with a chronic disease that led him to consult many, many hospitals and doctors over the course of his life. His medical records were always incomplete, and time was lost trying to fill in the gaps. He knew his data was spread everywhere with no way to find all his data in one centralized place. He realized that getting his medical data would also empower him to use the right words to communicate with the medical staff, leading to faster solutions regarding the next steps of his medical care. 

Drimpy’s goal became obvious. Provide all available medical data to the patient and the clinic but also make it actionable so that patients can improve their treatment and wellbeing with the right medication. 

The Drimpy app does not only provide the medical history of the patient. It also allows someone to check their “digital twin” and see what could potentially happen in a few years from now if, for example, that same person had surgery, walked more steps per day, lost weight, etc. This would enable anyone to evaluate the potential medical risks he/she would encounter further down the line. 

Buy or Build?

As the Dutch regulations came to be, Drimpy decided to follow MedMij’s information standard and specification: HL7 FHIR. This led to a very important question: should we build or buy a FHIR server? (More information on this topic is available in our free eBook The Buy-vs-Build Guide for FHIR API’s). 

After researching this topic, Arnold and his team realized that buying a FHIR server would save them a lot of time and it would avoid overloading their team with extra work. On top of this: the timelines for certification were tight. Arnold and his team just did not have the time to build their own server. 

Free eBook: The Buy-vs-Build Guide to FHIR APIs

Learn the risks and factors you need to assess when buying or building your FHIR API with this eBook and Excel calculator.

Seeking Software Flexibility with Firely Server

Drimpy had previously used tools from different companies but got frustrated by the lack of flexibility. They wanted to use a FHIR server as a whole and tailor it to their needs.  

“It was not just the technology that convinced us. We were looking for a vendor that was deeply involved in the FHIR community, a company that has an influence on the standardization process and knows about the latest developments in FHIR. During the selection, we also found that the Firely team was always very open to feedback.” (Arnold Breukhoven, CEO) 

Firely Server met their expectations by providing a very flexible and comprehensive FHIR server while simultaneously being compliant with the Dutch regulations as defined and tested by the national standards body Nictiz. 

Firely Server is a powerful, cross-platform FHIR Server that provides out-of-the-box FHIR APIs as well as SMART on FHIR support for authentication and authorization.   

“The thing I really like about Firely Server is that it’s easy to configure, deploy and scale. Things like SMART on FHIR compartment definitions, strict or flexible validation, authorization setup are well-baked into Firely Server. Another pro is the ability to customize the server, even to go beyond the FHIR spec, if needed. I don’t want to be tied to a single cloud provider or operating system. It’s the opposite of vendor-lockin.” 

“We want to make sure we can trust a product, and, with Firely Server, we know we can use it widely without a problem. It’s a safe feeling to know you can do almost anything with Firely Server.” (Arnold Breukhoven, CEO) 

Growing Into the Future

Looking ahead to next year, Drimpy plans to perfect the “digital twin” feature. This feature would allow people to look at their digital twin and see what would potentially happen in a few years from now. For example, they could find out what would happen to their health if they were to walk more every day or if they had surgery.

Firely Server has the potential to scale in the long term. We offer comprehensive training courses on HL7 FHIR including the Firely Server Workshop which helps you build a Proof of Concept in 3 online sessions.   

Our Dutch-speaking support team also provides professional services to help you with the integration of your back-end system. Feel free to reach out to us for more information. 

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